Cuerdas de Plata de Taxco


Sesión de Grabación de Músicos Veteranos de Taxco.



1.Recording Session Computer Screen



2.Modesta Ayala Recording Session



3. Recording Session; Laying Down the Bass Channel



4. Recording Session “They Call me the Jumil Bug Hunter”



5. Recording Session; Me Dicen El Jumilero



6. Recording Session Adjusting the Bass Volume



7. Recording the Ending Chord “Pretty Flower”



8.Editing the Ending of “Pretty Flower”



9. Recording Session; Musician’s Discussion

“Hey i say that all that part we should take it off, just leave the pure reprise, that my opinion it sounds as if it were forced, I say you should take it off, you want to take off all the ending, all the ending, or if you want they can record you again, if you want lets go record the ending again, but I won’t do the comeback again, I don’t know why you did does fixings, you should have done some simple fixings, haaa tomorrow I’ll go dance and drink something good, where, …don’t you see that tomorrow I’ll go to bone up, no, no i didn’t knew, with the daughters of Manolo Saidi, such fine girls, a cabin like the one of your companions because then at I’ll go to the Veracruz, at that time i still wasn’t there, i don’t know if it’s for tomorrow, silent you say, i just erased the last part, just the last part, no the ending, aha just the ending, yes ok, I can’t erase it, take off the ending at the bottom, yes, just that, so I don’t get to record that because its already record, no, no but you have to keep the rhythm that’s how you have to do it, he wants you to play so when we are already in that section its already recorded, then let’s do the two last parts, yes at the time that you listen to it, this is the ending Ramiro, then its missing the reprise, the last chord should I give it? , yes, hey do it like this than, than, than, than, than, rin.



10. Cuerdas de Taxco Recording Session with Dominique Beyens.

It took too long to get into the middle right?, and the interchange Tony Chens, here is ok but I thought it would be here, like that it sound right, here is to saturated because for the lent special by the bass, that’s why it saturates, its ok, today there is a noise there, there is a noise there, wait, no you stopped, I stopped because there is a noise there an interference I don’t know of what, it sound the same as what we listen before, a TRRR yes, maybe someone rigged the doorbell no?, then I would have listened it by now, they would have run and kill me until I would come back, canela would have gone out yes, that how the recorded a CD to the Players no?, how it sounded, like it run there , there is missing a TUM.



11.Recording Session Cuerdas de Taxco


12. Recording Session “Pretty Flower”



13. Cuerdas de Plata Recording Session: William Spratling



14. Recording Session Cuerdas de Taxco Historic Photos



15. Veteran Musicians Recording Session Taxco Guerrero Mexico

Recording Session “Guillermo Spratling”, an original classical song of homage to the venerable founder of the Taxco .925 silver jewelry industry. Filmed in the home of Daniel Beltran. Irish artist Dominique Beyens works with the musicians to record the various tracks. Here they are working on the bass channel.


16.Recording Session Cuerdas de Taxco

Veteran Taxco musicians in the home of Daniel Beltran record music with Dominique Beyens, a visiting Irish artist. The session is interrupted by a phone call; we hear one side of a conversation with a bill collector. An interior wall of the house is decorated with a sugar cane machete, a saw, and a wooden cane. Religion icons including a large altar to the Virgin of Guadalupe.


17. Bass Line * Recording Session




18. Cuerdas de Plata Recording Session



19. William Spratling * Cuerdas de Taxco

Guillermo Spratling is William Spratling, the Northamerican founder of the modern Taxco .925 silver jewelry industry. Veteran musicians of Guerrero Mexico record an original musical composition for guitar, trumpet, bass, and two voices. Dominique Beyens, an Irish artist is producing the channel recording.