Converting a Post Earring to Earwire with Clip
with a veteran Taxco silversmith in his shop
MINUTO 00:02
_What are you doing?
_Right now I am making an earwire with clip, with a catch
because the women always have them fall off
with the open earwire, look now, it is done
and in its right measure
because these earrings they do not want them with posts.
Minuto 00:26
So this is what I was telling you about before, the famous borax dissolved in alcohol, you take it like this and look: we are going to pre-heat, and this is so the silver does not stain – or – alcohol, boric acid, and altincar. Look how this proceeds so as to not stain the silver, one applies the substance, i tell you it is borax, pay attention to the whitish layer that forms, this is so firescale does not form – now we turn it over onto it’s back face. He who is an experienced silversmith will know this combination, yet there are boys who are just beginning and have not been initiated, and who do not know the little secrets.
Termina en el minuto 02:18
Minuto 02:18
_Are you trying to unsolder the posts, or what?
_aha we are going to unsolder the posts… there is the first and there goes the second and now we are going to put on the wire, ….this little ball is pure altincar – did you see how it soldered? now it passes into the sulphuric acid.
Minuto 03:28
_aaaaaaaa! look record how the sulphuric acid makes crystals of silver quickly becasue once I throw them in they begin to dissolve
_that which you see in the bottom are crystals
_it is silver and it comes off every time – pay attention to the reaction – pay attention already as it comes off to whiten it
This is a repair, and exchange of a post for a an ear wire, we have to pre-heat the piece first and then only bring closer the wire – the earwire has soldered – in the acid it is the same reaction.

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