Hello Alín,

Here Ofelia offers salutory model examples

of typical INs and OUTs for the Artesana TV Show:

When you do these clips, show your beautiful personality

and please stand as far away from the camera as possible.

Of course, you are welcome to come up with your own ideas.

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EMERGENCY LIVE STREAMING VIDEO WEBINAR * COMING TO THIS CHANNEL * STAY TUNED * Raquel Perez in 2009 in the cooperative handcrafted jewelry production with her family
in her home village in northern Guerrero México.

 raquel4_91  raquel4_90 raquel4_88 raquel4_89 raquel4_86 raquel4_87 raquel4_83 raquel1_4 raquel4_80raquel-promoRaquel Live Webinar Streaming Channel


Casa y Taller Para Raquel y su Hija

We only want to have Raquel walk out of jail unhurt and come back home and give her old father Mario a big hug and her little daughter give him one too. Raquel needs to come into her own house, however modest, and her own jewelry workshop so she can support her little family. She needs a steady stream of production orders to keep busy. This is the purpose of the Emergency Live Webinar; It is to generate some good production orders to underwrite Raquel’s return to her village, to make sure she has steady employment making jewelry and some place of her own within the family complex, then she will have survived to laugh about her experiences in the United States.Diego_Rivera-tortilleria

EMERGENCY! Live Webinar
in support of Raquel Perez
the Mexican village woman who
has been jailed in Phoenix Arizona.

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Traditional Folkdancers turn in pairs gracefully.

Live Webinar en Vivo Desde Guerrero México

We need to get this young woman out of the Arizona prison and back into the company of her family where she can resume her employment as a skilled handcrafted jewelry artisan. VISIT THIS PAGE AGAIN SOON TO DROP INTO EMERGENCY LIVE STREAMING VIDEO ON BEHALF OF RAQUEL PEREZ OF TECALPULCO GUERRERO MËXICO * Stay Tuned. That’s all we can tell you. Until, we get the Live Streaming Video going, hopefully tomorrow. Thank you.

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